An organisation's ability to effortlessly adapt and adopt changes depends on whether its people are flourishing or languishing.

"I like that the programme is directed at an audience in business organisations. It provided me with some clear guidance and exercises to improve my decision making and dealing with hurdles to operate effectively."
Testimonials |Mindful Breath
Mariska Praktiek
"Whenever I get frustrated, I use the CEO of BETA to help me cool. A clearer mind leads to better decision making. I would like to be mindful so as not to be conquered by unnecessary thoughts to be able to live life fully."
Testimonials |Mindful Breath
Lim Poh Yen
Senior Executive
"I have a better understanding on what mindfulness is about. Before this, I had no idea and attended the course with an open mind. The 8 weeks have been a nice journey to learn with Maisie."
Testimonials |Mindful Breath
Senior Executive

Why Workplace Mindfulness?

We don’t live as independent blocks in the world but are dependent on one another for the food we eat, the comfort we enjoy and the successes we experience at work. But the advance in AI, the risk of identity theft, scams, extreme weather are causing more stress and insecurity.  It is changing the nature of our work and also the living conditions of our environment which affects the mind and body, causing uncertainties.

If you find that it is time to reassess your priorities at work and life, or to increase your team’s happiness and sense of purpose, Mindful Breath offers an 8-week workplace mindfulness training in Singapore or online. We train participants in the non-clinical, secularised Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness TrainingWe also offer customised workplace mindfulness courses to suit your organisation’s needs. Let us know by getting in touch with us.

Learning Outcome

The learning outcome of MBSAT include:

  • Connecting with the stillness in your mind that has always been there to help you make decisions that are beneficial to you and your surroundings.
  • Reflecting on whether there is a more purposeful way to live life and to work besides creating endless goals to feel happiness via achievements.
  • Understanding you are the product of your thoughts, driven by feelings.
  • Noticing negative beliefs, changing and replacing them with helpful ones. Life is an inner experience we call personal truths. 
  • Understanding your mind helps you become sensitive to how others’ minds function and to work together harmoniously.

The above learning outcome is a result of your curiosity, willingness to experiment and query your own mind.

Workplace Mindfulness Course

Programme Duration

8 Weeks

Each Week's Session

2 – 2.5 hours


Your office / Any of your choice / Online

Group Size

10 – 20 pax*

Target Group

Suitable for all**

To accommodate your business needs and schedule, we are
able to customise our workplace mindfulness course.

Workplace Mindfulness Workshop

Programme Duration

2 Hours


Your office / Any of your choice

Group Size

10 – 20 pax

Target Group

Suitable for all**

*For this programme to be effective, it is recommended that the group consists of members
from different departments.
**This programme is not suitable for anyone suffering from clinical psychological conditions.


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