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Why Don’t We Treasure Our Well-Being?

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We take time for working out to make our bodies strong. We go for regular exercise classes, take vitamins and eat healthily. However, we cannot prevent ageing and the physical discomfort that comes with it. We don’t like to hear about changes that come with our bodies or experience the loss of our material possessions. After all, everyone knows that life is a series of deterioration. Despite this fact, we are not encouraging everyone to feel dejected or depressed. Rather, we would like to make this fact obvious so that we do not deny it and to realise why we don’t take care of our well-being.

What is well-being?

According to Oxford Dictionary, well-being is a state of doing well and being happy in life; experiencing good physical health, material prosperity, and moral or physical welfare in the community.

When it comes to physical health and material accumulation, we are all familiar with how to attain them. Physical health comes from regular exercise and eating well, while material possessions come from employment, savings, and investments.

Problems with our pursuit of well-being

While it is everyone’s wish to feel at ease and be happy, there is a problem with how we pursue well-being. It is all well if our physical health and material wealth always increase and never decrease. But we all know that is not possible.

No matter how well we feel when we are young, we are bound to experience aches and pains in our 40s to 50s. As for our material wealth, we may accumulate as much as it is possible till the end of our lives. But yet we may never be able to enjoy the entire fruits of our possessions since we do not live forever.

Can we pursue happiness that is lasting?

Besides physical and material wealth, we also seek well-being from the people around us. We hope to get their approval, appreciation, and acknowledgement. But many times, we don’t. That is because we are unable to constantly appreciate and acknowledge others.

But there is something we can train towards a more lasting sense of well-being. That is our mental wellness. While we cannot continuously think positive thoughts (it can be really exhausting), we can learn to balance our minds with mindfulness.

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