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Lamentation of the Unmindful

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In wanting love, one can never find love,

In wanting life, one can never live,

In taking, one will not be given,

Wanting, wanting, wanting,

Is a projection of an unawakened, unmindful mind,

In wanting, one thinks only of the self as separate from others,

In wanting, nothing is satisfactory,

What is already full, needs nothing,

In seeking to be understood, one never understands,

What is there to fear, when everything is, but yet it is also nothing?

It is in letting go of the self, one knows the self,

This, not knowing, keeps us away from love…

Pure empty knowing, filled with love, why are we far from you, when we are you?

Every hour, every minute, every second, we die to be renewed again…

Let not this life be in vain,

By not understanding that each birth leads to death,

Each death leads to birth,

For the well-trained mind, each birth increases in love and wisdom,

Let one not forget the purity of this knowing awareness,

That leads to the unborn, unconditioned and undying.

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