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“The speaker is positive and knowledgeable about mindfulness.” – Norman Bay

“The one-hour workshop helped me understand mindfulness. I will try the practices taught in the session to see how it can help to change my mind.” – Esther Teo, Manager

“Maisie is awesome! Thank you very much.” – Rachel Mok, VP Human Resources

“The session helped me understand what mindfulness is and I will try the practices to see how it can change my mind.” – Weng Hui Ting, Senior Sales Manager

“The workshop was great! It helped me understand mindfulness.” – Alvina Ang

“The workshop is very useful and helped me understand what is mindfulness.” – Vijaya Lashimi

“The trainer taught the workshop well.” – Erlvyan Yong, Guest Service Executive

“The workshop provided a very clear explanation to help me understand this complicated mind.” – Felix, Customer Support Specialist

“The workshop helped me understand mindfulness. It was an amazing session!” – Sumaiya Damaskhr


“Maisie was great! I enjoyed the sessions. The mindful activities helped to calm my mind and to help me to be more focused. It also gave me a chance to reflect on past actions. The mindful activities and practices are easy to follow and can be easily applied to daily life. With more practices, it can definitely help me to make better decisions.” – SY, Senior Executive, Ngee Ann Poly

“Initially I was unable to bring myself to quiet down. But after I put effort into the practice, I began to accept and to appreciate some of the mindfulness practices taught. Whenever I get frustrated, I could use the CEO of BETA to help me cool down. When my mind is clearer, it leads to better decision making. I found the friendliness meditationCEO of BETA and mindfulness of walking most useful for my practice. The instructor is very patient and wonderful. She gave very clear instructions and examples.” – Lim Poh Yen, Senior Executive, Ngee Ann Poly

“Ihe course helped me reconnect with my inner self and makes me a much calmer person. It helps put things into perspective and open my mind to spreading kindness around. As a result, I judge people less often. Prior to taking the course, I was always rushing through my activities and I found myself more stressed out at work. But a quick practice of the CEO of BETA or a fifteen minutes breath meditation could help turn things around. Maisie did a fantastic job of delivering the lessons, guiding us through step-by-step. Her guided meditations are easy to follow. She has been very patient, accommodating and kind. She also never forced us to go beyond what we are uncomfortable with. Overall, the course has helped me in many aspects of my life. It was a much needed course for me.” – May Ung, National Institute of Education 

“The course raised my awareness on the importance of the present moment. It helped me connect with myself and make better decisions. I enjoyed all the mindfulness practices taught. The content is practical and interesting.” – Karina Fabro, CEO and Business Development Director, Followin Language Learning

“I liked that the programme is specifically directed at audience from the business and corporate organisations. It provided some clear guidance and exercises to improve my decision making and dealing with hurdles to operate effectively. I feel the programme can help me make better decisions as long as I continue practising and consciously apply what I have learnt. The one-on-one online session worked well except for initial technical issues. Overall, the trainer’s shared examples were helpful.” – Mariska Praktiek, MD and Manager, Internal Communications

MBSAT has helped me reconnect with myself and to recognise opportunities that present themselves at work and in investment. Practices like 3 Good Things and the body scan helped me form a healthier routine and equipped my mind with clarity to make better decisions. I find myself less reactive when I encounter difficult situations at home and at work. The trainer was able to sustain the moment and interest of the participants. She delivered the course with a good balance of humour and depth and was able to elicit positive responses from the students, despite disruptions from the COVID 19 pandemic. I could feel her sincerity in sharing mindfulness and her soothing voice was a bonus for our own meditation practice at home.” – Gobbs Lim, Co-founder & Creative Director, iheartbrew


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