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How Can Mindfulness Help in a Troubled World?

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Change is the natural order of our world. However, the changes were gradual and not as shocking as what we have seen in recent years – from rapid changes in our climate to the escalation of nationalism sparking wars. We may not be directly involved in the Ukraine-Russian and Israel-Palestinian wars. But consuming media showing the devastations caused by wars, amidst natural catastrophes brings much anguish. Is there an end to injustice and conflict? How can certain countries exercise their might without considering the lives of civilians? How can we change the behaviour of consumerism to reverse climate change? These questions are on most people’s minds, even mindfulness practitioners who may ask if mindfulness is useful in our troubled world.

Is Mindfulness a Selfish Tool?

Mindfulness entails learning to concentrate the mind by watching the breath to becoming aware of the impermanent quality of the sensations in our bodies, feelings, and thoughts. Most mindfulness practitioners are not able yet to see their thoughts with their minds (thoughts and feelings are closely related). However, they are able to sense stressful feelings in their bodies and soften them with compassion.

Mindfulness as a practice seems self-centered, focusing on our own well-being. It doesn’t seem to teach us to go out there and do something such as charity work, to help the world. Is mindfulness selfish? Is there a way we can use mindfulness to help our troubled world?

Mindfulness in an Agitated World

Mindfulness helps us balance our minds and understand the stress we suffer from. When the mind is too distracted, there is a feeling of sadness. When it is too focused on something it likes, it also causes unpleasant feelings such as boredom and frustration (if the mind cannot get what it likes). Needless to say, mindfulness balances our stress.

The most important use of mindfulness is that it helps us understand ourselves. If we can understand our pain and the war we wage in ourselves, we can see the same struggle in others. When we are able to see how others are also suffering, we can offer our sincere empathy and compassion.

Helping in a Troubled World

When we focus on energies to help in a troubled world without mindfulness, we may feel drained and defeated. With mindfulness, we have the tool to balance our minds without being affected by negative emotions of another human being.

Knowing how to calm our minds, we can choose not to participate in the anguish felt in the world. Feelings are invisible and they can be passed from one person to another person without our being aware. Being aware means we learn not to pass suffering around. Instead, we soothe the suffering of those with our awareness and compassion.

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