Despite the myriad number
of choices we are faced
with daily, it is surprising
how little attention we place
on the decisions we make.

"MBSAT has helped me reconnect with myself and to recognise opportunities at work and in investments. The course equipped me with healthier routines to enable me to make better decisions. I am also less reactive now when I encounter difficulties at home and at work."
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Gobbs Lim
Business Owner
"I have better insight now on how mind conditioning works and not to let it easily influence my current state of mind. I feel I am taking steps learning self-care and to reprogram my mind using all the MBSAT techniques. The trainer is very dedicated and very encouraging."
Testimonials |Mindful Breath
Legal Associate

Why Learn Mindfulness?

Most people learn mindfulness due to the following reasons:

  • Anxiety: Nervousness about the unknown or anxious about not meeting expectations.
  • Depression: Experiencing a frequent cycle of melancholia (not clinically depressed).
  • Discontentment: Noticing that most things you strive for and attain do not give you a lasting sense of satisfaction, no matter how successful or wealthy you are.
  • Self-questioning: Not sure of who or what you really are.
  • Fear: Wanting a sense of control but never really getting it. 

We offer mindfulness courses to individuals online as we do not have a fixed space yet. We can only offer in-person courses at rented spaces. Group courses are available upon request

What You Will Learn in the Online 1-to-1
8-week Course

We offer two courses

1. Classical-Based Mindfulness Training: a non-clinical and secularised 8-week mindfulness course to understand the causes of stress and its cessation. The course is a mix of theory and practice where others are more focused more on the practice. Reflection of the theory through practice is part of the coursework.

2. Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT): a non-clinical secularised 8-week mindfulness course for decision-making. The difference between this course and the classical-based mindfulness training is MBSAT is geared towards corporate decisions by becoming aware of one’s actions.

You will learn the following in our 8-week course online face-to-face with the coach via Google Meet:

  • Meditation techniques to calm the mind. A calm mind is equivalent to a tranquil landscape where you can see the flora and fauna (your thoughts and feelings) clearly as opposed to the scenery being obscured by the storm. 
  • Reflecting on your habitual reactive patterns to life and learning to change it into helpful patterns.
  • Daily practices to centre your mind so that you are not easily distracted by the mind’s restlessness, drowsiness and discontentment for a more conscious and purposeful life. 
  • Specifically for MBSAT, you will create a Mindful Self Portrait as a guide to create a positive and mindful self.

Our online 1-to-1 8-week mindfulness course costs $399. Enrol now and we will get in touch with you.

Customised Personal 1-to-1 Online Course

In our customised personal 1-to-1 online course offering, you will see the coach bi-weekly (1-hour) via Google Meet. This is for participants who wish further guidance for personal challenges after completing any one of the two 8-week mindfulness courses offered. The customised course is offered on a monthly basis (two sessions per month) and the participants decide if they would like to extend the course by the month. The cost for our customised personal 1-to-1 online course is $499 per month.

Learning Outcome for Our Mindfulness Courses

A lasting sense of well-being and contentment comes with effort and work. The below learning outcome can be experienced by a sincere mindfulness practitioner who is willing to make consistent effort:

  • Understanding that you have a choice as to how you think and feel regardless of circumstances.
  • Using the space and stillness you already have in you to make wise decisions that help you and others.
  • You realise you already have the resource to pay attention, find the centre within yourself and not be carried away by stress or excitement to make unwise decisions. 
  • Not running away from negative thoughts, emotions and events but facing them in order to learn to transform them into something helpful for yourself and others instead of blaming it on external events.
  • Mindfulness eventually becomes a habit and you learn to notice and transform heavy thoughts and emotions that arise into lighter ones on a daily basis.

Get in touch with us to enrol in our 1-to-1 customised online mindfulness course ($499 per month) based on your needs.


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