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Why mindfulness is getting more crucial in times of uncertainties?

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Our world has been uncertain since civilisations began. Man has been controlling nature to suit his living conditions. The series of innovations to control nature for our comfort has advanced the economy and also caused damage. Technological advancements now seek to control minds by fighting for our attention. With global politics and climate tilting either more to the left or more to the right, mindfulness has become more crucial in these times of uncertainties.

From survival to mind control

Since discovering fire and learning to control the environment, human beings have innovated tools for the ease of survival. But now, we are not just fighting for survival but in winning the attention of the masses through technology. Several issues underlie the global political shift between the extreme left and extreme right. Jobs losses, decreasing population to immigration threatening to upend a country’s cultural identity have been boiling under the surface since the global financial crisis. Foreign governments and authoritarian leaders have jumped on the technology bandwagon spreading fear, misinformation, and disinformation to divide and to control minds.

What is Truth?

While populism grows with passionate language denouncing liberalism, leftist politics have been roused with an ever-stronger voice. Donald Trump reveals facts that suit his beliefs, causing everyone else to insist their information is truth compared to distorted facts. But we can never know what is truth. Even the Internet and social media giants are unable to protect truth – therefore they protect free speech. However, the danger of free speech lies in the person reading the information – whether he or she is able to discern the intent of the content. The truth lies in our hearts in these times of uncertainties and not on the Internet or on social media. Guided by our conscience, we know in our hearts to reject lies and to make decisions for the good of all who inhabit Mother Earth.

Why do we lie and harm?

When we tell a lie, we may not be able to live with it. Especially if it is to someone whom we love or who is close to us. We may feel guilt in our hearts when we harm another. Why are people oblivion to lying or harming ourselves, others or the earth then? They might not be aware of the tight knots in their hearts or stomachs, taking these to be normal signs of stress from the body. We have normalised stress response that some of us may have become immune to the moral compass in our abdomen. In these times of uncertainties, mindfulness is becoming more crucial.

Mindfulness in uncertainties

Why is mindfulness crucial in the uncertain times we are living in? If you have lived on planet earth for a period of time, you may have witnessed technological advancement changing the way you communicate to how it might threaten your livelihood. Even before technological advancement, there have been numerous changes happening on the face of the earth. Change points to uncertainties that bring fear. When there is fear, we either run, hide or freeze. Mindfulness has been proven to help with emotion regulation and fear is an emotion. When our fears are calmed, we are able to discern. Mindfulness is remembering the present moment clearly, and in doing so, you can check your body sensations reacting to the information given in the present. The practice of mindfulness, helps us make better decisions and to discern intent.

Mindfulness is a mental state that is not steeped in right-leaning or left-leaning beliefs. It allows us to pay attention to the NOW. The truth lies in the now, for the future is malleable based on what we think and do now.

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