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Why Only Some People Meditate Consistently

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There are many meditators in the world. Some meditate to reduce stress, and many others do it to get better at their job. However, there is a handful who persist in meditation. Why do some people meditate consistently?

The Purpose of Meditation

There is only one reason why anyone would meditate persistently. The reason is that this person has had an insight that thoughts are the cause of stress. Most people don’t come to this insight directly. With incessant thoughts hammering onto our consciousness, the fastest relief might be a panadol if we have developed a headache or dizziness from thinking.

But some start to meditate because they are recommended by their therapists or friends. Those who believe in science meditate for the sake of benefiting their physical health.

People Who Meditate Consistently

There are a handful of people who meditate consistently for reasons other than feeling good or to get something in return from meditation.

These are the people who have realised that whatever they strive toward for a lasting sense of happiness doesn’t last. Many wealthy may never get an insight as to why they are never satisfied or secure. In a BBC radio documentary on millionaire activists, a few interviewees talked about how their rich parents are fearful of losing their wealth.

But one need not be wealthy to notice the gnawing sense of dissatisfaction returning again and again in the heart. We are always thinking of and planning the next goal to attain in order to feel alive, but yet never fulfilled fully.

The Rewards of Meditating Consistently

People who are aware of their life experiences, which led them to meditation would meditate consistently. However, they may also find that meditation does not offer a permanent sense of contentment – or, happiness. To gain an insight into what makes us unhappy, we require mindfulness. Mindfulness is not just meditation. The practice of mindfulness includes contemplation.

We can contemplate about what are the next steps to take in our lives, to reflecting on what exactly are thoughts and why they cause us stress. To learn more about meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation, get in touch with us at Mindful Breath.

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