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How to Transform Negativity into Positivity?

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Video on How to Transform Negativity into Positivity

Many people practise watching their in and out breaths and think that it is a mindfulness practice. But mindfulness is a lot more powerful than just sitting and watching our breaths. Mindfulness is about transforming negative emotions into positive ones. Learn how to change your mind by watching the video on how to transform negativity.

Why transform negativity?

The answer is simple. Why would we want to suffer hate, anger or jealousy? It does not feel pleasant to the heart or the mind. For example, losing a romantic partner causes anger and depression and most people do not like being with these feelings. Depending on your attachment to your ex-partner, you may feel varying degrees of unhappiness.

Our minds are not equipped to be with negative feelings because we have not trained them. Our minds have been trained to look outside to soothe the pain inside. This could be the reason we turn to alcohol, stress eating and consumerism to make ourselves feel better. When we run out of ideas to distract the mind from the proliferating negative thoughts, we may start to feel depressed or anxious.

Happiness is a consequence

We seek happiness that does not last. Have you noticed how your new purchase does not make you happy for very long? What about eating your favourite foods? How long did that make you feel happy? Soon, you may feel you need more and more things in order to gain that happiness you seek.

We do not experience sustained happiness because we are seeking them in the wrong places. Happiness or lasting well-being is a consequence of a habitual mind trained. A trained mind used to thinking thoughts of calm and peace naturally has more memories of these positive emotions. We would argue that pleasurable happiness depending on consumerism is short and sweet. Whereas contentment in the heart learnt from experience and training lasts much longer.

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