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Healthy activities that keep us healthy and body in good shape during covid19

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Many of us practice social distancing by staying home to flatten the curve across the world. But we need some physical activity to maintain our physical and mental well-being in order for us in order to help accomplish that. Fortunately, there are plenty of healthy activities for us to choose to keep us healthy and body in good shape especially during this pandemic.

Walking and hiking 

Walking and hiking are very accessible activities. All you need is just yourself, your legs and your mind. Each of these activity engage different muscles than you would use on flat even surfaces that help to strengthen these muscles and prevent injuries. Regardless, they also offer you the opportunity and benefit of surrounding with the nature, that can reduce stress and have a positive impact on both physical and mental health.

Yoga and Meditation 

Maintaining mobility and flexibility is of the utmost importance as we age. It is also important to stay safe, healthy and happy. These are possible if we are able to make healthy and reasonable choices about what to do and not especially during this pandemic time. Yoga and meditation are two activities that Harvard Medical School had recommended in their latest health guidelines.

Physical fitness

There are plenty of activities to choose to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing without hitting the gym or being among the crowds. One with lots of benefits is the push-ups. They are very effective in strengthening the arms, chest and core muscles in the back and stomach. Being able to do push-ups has even been linked to disease prevention. Walking the stairs is another good one that can increase the heart rate, boosting metabolism, increase circulation, and more. 

House and Yard Work

Sometimes the best activities may be just at home. The act of doing work around your house and yard on a regular basis will boost your energy expenditure and help keep you in shape. A few hours spent gardening can burn more calories than you would at the gym. Scrubbing the tub and vacuuming is known to make people break a sweat. Additionally, the results of your efforts reduce clutter and stress, making you strong in both body and mind.

Bottom line – just do something

There are more healthy activities out there than what is stated here. Whatever exercise you do, don’t let your fitness level fall during this pandemic. Amid a virus outbreak, we need healthy bodies more than ever to boost our immune system to fight the virus. 

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