Free Meditation Courses
For Stressed Individuals

Free Meditation Courses Online

We are offering free meditation courses in Singapore as we understand there are many people suffering from stress and anxiety and may require a deeper inquiry apart from the 8-week mindfulness course. In a world where our attention span is getting shorter, we hope to offer a course beyond mindfulness for those who wish to regain their precious jewel within – which is attention itself

Who is this For?

We would like to offer free meditation courses for individuals who are:

  • Looking for an answer to existential questions.
  • Realised that they are often stuck in a cycle of melancholy or anxiety and want to know if there is anything beyond conventional ways to move out of the cycle.
  • Willing to make an effort to meditate and reflect on what is shared in the sessions to see the results.
  • Adherents of any religion but are non-fundamentalists.
  • Who are not suffering from clinical psychological conditions.

We are offering this service for those who wish to go deeper beyond mindfulness. We don’t have a space for monthly group meditations for now. If you are curious about meditation, please check out our guided meditation videos. We are not offering this free meditation course for those who are curious, but only to those who are really interested in looking within and working on themselves in these one-to-one or small group sessions.

If you are ready to take a step towards looking within yourself, get in touch with us.

What is Taught in Our Free Meditation Courses?

This is not a fixed course unlike the mindfulness courses we offer. We will share three key components in our free meditation courses:

  • Meditation: to quiet the mind.
  • Mindfulness: to investigate the habits of your mind (made up of thoughts, feelings and perception).
  • Contemplation: based on Buddhist psychology.

We are not trying to convert anyone to any religion. For those who have taken mindfulness courses, you know it is about knowing your mind, and not to believe in anything. You can check out our mindfulness videos, where Buddhist psychology is being shared, and you will not find anything religious. However, we will share verses taught in Buddhist psychology as they point us to notice our daily experiences in a direct way. The number of sessions depend on the comfort level between yourself and the coach, and your diligence in seeing the results of the practice. 

Learning Outcome

As this is not a fixed course with a regular schedule, the learning outcome is dependent on the practitioner – just as the proficiency of a musician depends on his or her dedication to mastering the instrument. Dedicated practitioners can experience these learning outcomes:

  • Experiencing a calm and observant mind.
  • Most people believe they think what they want to think – but if this is true, then there won’t be any unhappiness in the world. Over time, you gain mastery over your thoughts.
  • Deep understanding of how negative thoughts and emotions really does not serve the self and others (including those you like or dislike).
  • Mindfulness becomes a habit helping you to see a negative thought or emotion arising from a distance in the mind and not react to it.
  • Learning to notice, change, be friendly and to eventually let go of all unhelpful thoughts and emotional patterns. 
  • Acting wisely for the well-being of yourself and others as we live and work together as a community.

Is the Meditation Course Really Free?

You must be wondering if our meditation courses are really free. As we have different priorities and work to attend to, we are doing this out in our own free time. Therefore, the class timings may not be fixed or be as regular as paid courses. We are offering this as a donations based course.


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