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Online Mindfulness Course during the time of COVID 19

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Some have said we are living in extraordinary times. This is an extraordinary time for the 21st century. The generation before us has lived in more extraordinary times. But what is an extraordinary time? We see this time as trying with social and physical distancing in the COVID 19 outbreak. As social animals, we are not accustomed to being alone or being cooped up indoors. We humans like social contact and to be in the outdoors. However, the time of COVID 19 allows us to enjoy time doing nothing and yet being happy.

It is hard to accept the notion that happiness can be felt in doing nothing. We have been accustomed to think that happiness has to be pursued. The pursuit of happiness is but in the NOW.

In these extraordinary times, Mindful Breath would have lowered our online Mindfulness course fees in the hope of helping those looking for a sense of calm in this time of fear.

Mindful Breath

Mindful Breath is committed to sharing the systematic training of mindfulness with anyone who is keen and open to exploring their relationship with their inner experience for better health and caring relationships towards a gentler and friendlier society.

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