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How to Attract Money?

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With extended lockdown globally due to the coronavirus raging the planet, I return to my favourite hobby of reading. I am most interested in reading books that are scientific or to do with the subconscious mind. Through my experiments as a meditator to explore the subconscious, I realised there is reason to question about the existence of the subconscious. The subconscious contains thoughts or impulses that drive us without our knowledge but it is possible to make the subconscious conscious through the activity of meditation. Our subconscious mind reveals our beliefs that are so deeply ingrained that we seldom question them. In “How to Attract Money”, the author Joseph Murphy talked about attracting wealth by imprinting the belief in your subconscious mind.

The Subconscious Mind

Our brain is plastic and it can change with our thoughts and actions. Meaning, if we are conscious of our habitual thoughts (with the aid of mindfulness to see subconscious thoughts), we can change them. Our thoughts create feelings that spur our impulse to act. Our mind is constantly filtering and bringing attention to information and stimuli that affirms our preexisting beliefs to present us with repeated thoughts and impulses that mimic and mirror our actions to reinforce our beliefs. The good news is, if we do not like experiencing the same life situation over and over again due to perhaps the lack of confidence or bad temper, we can change that.

What you believe draws itself to you

In “How to Attract Money”, Joseph Murphy proposes that we could have beliefs about lack or losses. What we experience inside of us, would draw experiences that match our beliefs. He talked about a man who had an illicit affair and lived in fear of being discovered by his family. A deep sense of guilt enveloped within him. Fear follows guilt, which contracts the muscles and mucous membranes causing him acute sinusitis. Medication only provided temporary relief. Murphy tried to advise his client to end the affair but he had refused, saying the woman as his soulmate.

As a result, this man continued accusing and condemning himself. One day, he was accused by the officials of the bank he was working of having embezzled some money. The evidence was circumstantial. He realised that he was accused because he had been accusing and condemning himself and at that moment saw how the mind operated. Inasmuch as he was always accusing himself on the inner plane, he would be accused on the outer. Thus he broke off the affair immediately and began to calm his mind for harmony within himself. He had realised nothing in him would be hidden that is not revealed.

Wealth Mindset

A wealthy mindset according to Murphy is to wish harmony upon another so that we may experience harmony within ourselves. If we became jealous or envious of someone else’s wealth, our belief of loss (not having enough and therefore jealous of another), would mirror itself in our experience.

Therefore not only is it necessary to sustain harmonious thoughts and feelings, but we also have to change our mindset of not being enough or not having enough. To attract money, we could change our belief (you can discover your subconscious beliefs through meditation), with affirmations such as “Money is increasing for me every day” to “Money is attracted to me”. Affirmations such as “I am wealthy” or “I am rich” could be difficult for those who are suffering financial difficulties at the moment to believe. So, it is important to choose words that are easy for the heart to believe and to repeat these same affirmations daily in order that the mind could receive.

Once the mind receives these beliefs, it can only translate to action impulses that bring to you what you seek. Murphy was a Christian who also studied under Indian meditation masters and as we all know, all religions are a study of the mind but phrased differently dependent on cultures.

The best thing about books on the mind is that you can experiment with what the authors claim to be true, instead of believing it for the sake of it. Let us know if working on affirmations and feeling abundant does help you with attracting money.

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