Who is Mindful Breath?

Mindful Breath began in Singapore with the commitment to share mindfulness training with anyone who wants to understand and connect with their inner experiences for better health and caring relationships. Through our mindfulness courses and resources, we are dedicated to inspiring, supporting and guiding individuals seeking to experience a different way of making choices for a sustained well-being. We are also committed to supporting corporate leaders genuinely interested in introducing mindfulness into the workplace to cultivate engagement and fulfillment in the organisation.

Why Us?

  • Mindfulness, unlike intellectual or physical skills,  is a trait or quality of our mind state. We are committed in our own practice of mindfulness in order that we may share it authentically with our participants.
  • We are dedicated in bringing mindfulness to participants who are interested in attaining skills to experience wellbeing – whether at the workplace, community or the public.
  • Our mindfulness course is an evidence-based secular training designed for the non-clinical population.
  • Training the mind towards a sense of ease is everyone’s right and not a privilege, thus we would like to make the practice of mindfulness as accessible to everyone as much as possible.

Mindfulness is in Us

Despite advancement in science and technology, our lives have become more complex with information overload.  We are also expected to complete multiple tasks at a faster speed than before. This has led to increasing pressure and stress contributing to mental and health issues. Mindfulness is our innate ability to bring a gentle focus to our inner experience and outer activities into the present moment. Science and research have shown mindfulness training to bring positive effects to our lives in health, relationships and work.

Who We Are

Maisie Loh_mindfulness trainer | Mindful Breath

Maisie spent two decades of her career in the media from Sony Pictures, Fox Sports to Channel NewsAsia. Her mindfulness journey began when she realized that her thoughts were constantly running, never giving her rest. She discovered that even when she was ‘resting’, her mind was still wandering. This prompted her to start training her mind to calm it and reduce the wandering mind. The experience of a calm mind at work and facing life’s stresses motivated her to the practice of mindfulness in daily life. Mindfulness has helped her embrace difficulties while bringing present-moment awareness to her inner experience. Maisie also contributes articles on other mindfulness websites. She is personally taught by Dr Juan Humberto Young, the developer of Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness (MBSAT). Dr Young is the first permanent Affiliate Faculty Member of Singapore Management University, Academic Director of IE University, a board member and shareholder of the third largest engineering firm, R+B engineering in Switzerland, and he also holds a Masters in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy from Oxford University. Maisie is teaching MBSAT at Singapore Management University and she is dedicated to sharing mindfulness, a trait which she continuously cultivates, in several silent retreats a year as well as in her daily life.


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